Over 29 years  of History experience in safety glass products : Glass and Glass
Over 29 years of History experience in safety glass products : Glass and Glass Print E-mail

Glass & Glass is synonymous of style, which quality creates a feeling of sophistication, not only in terms of design, but also regarding materials and production techniques. 

Our vision is to revive and renew residential and commercial properties globally, by committing ourselves to properly fabricate safe and unique glass and stainless steel products.

Since the beginning, we have always been listening to our customer’s needs. In their homes as well as in their place of work - colors, textures, glass and stainless steel have been throughout our history, our best partners.

Glass & Glass’ founder, Rolando Serra, started working with glass back in 1984, when he combined his engineer and architect background together with his inherited passion for glass. After several years of training in Europe and by learning all the different techniques from the Old School of Austria, He applied that knowledge in developing new glass products with the help of the latest technology and machinery, as well as creating unique hardware to support glass safely.

From laminating glass with resin since 1985 fabricating custom made architectural glass, to inventing a patent pending Flextech Hardware to be used as a glass support system, and now to designing and engineering a fully automatic hydraulic lift glass window, Glass and Glass give the architects and designers wings to fly with their imagination, knowing that they are backed up by our engineering knowledge to transform their vision into a reality.

It is Glass & Glass commitment to ensure that the quality of life for generations to come is improved. We are conscience of the importance of conserving and recycling our Earth's resources. That is why our commitment with creating a green environment is pushing us to utilize in our factory all our waste material to create products and new samples for different uses, making our products environmental friendly, like our patent pending 100% recycled Geoglass , which has been developed with these principles in mind.

For our future, we are taking responsibility from what we have learned on the past, use what works on all our glass and systems, and combines our products and technology to guarantee that they have a long lasting safe and secure life span.

Glass & Glass would like to thank its customers. You are the motivation and reason for our success throughout the years.







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