Glass Projects
Glass Projects

Smart Glass (ON-OFF switchable panels by glass and glass)

South On Fifth - Miami Beach

Attorneys Office Smart Glass + Imagery Glass

Architectural Glass at Canyon Ranch - Miami Beach - by Glass & Glass

SOLID Polished Stainless Steel with no visible Joints, glass railings, fine design glass treads and landings, and 3D laser glass wall - By Glass And Glass

Meeting/Party Room at a commercial site

Flextech G1010 Series frameless glass railing by Glass & Glass is a focal point in this meeting/party room at a Condominium on Brickell.

Alu-Flextech Exterior High-Rise Aluminum Post Glass Railing System

SE ARCHITECTS approached Glass & Glass with several concerns: from getting an aluminum glass post railing system suitable for the Condominium special existing job site conditions, to get a system that could offer more warranty due to the condominium association concerns about the balconies corrosion issues that neighbor buildings are experiencing with their aluminum glass post railings.
Glass & Glass was able to offer their ALU-FLEXTECH exterior glass post railing system, made with a combination of aluminum and stainless steel, that even though at the beginning are a bit more expensive  than regular aluminum post ralings, they are actually a saving at medium and long term, with a warranty that surpasses any other warranty. It is also the only system in the market that has a thinner post. More information available upon request.

Complete high-end glass work for a Venezuelan Residence

Glass&Glass along with Venezuelan renowned Architect William Perez Boscan, by using fully coded Florida Building Compliance, were able to very easily do all the necessary shop drawings for a perfect fabrication and to become confident that using all 316 marine grade stainless steel, this customer will never have any problems with salt water elements causing bad aging.

With perfect materials using our 316 marine grade Flextech 10-inch brackets (part of the Glass & Glass pat. pend. Flextech G1000 Series) architects and owners can experience a problem-free product, instead of getting issues using materials that will not last 1 years on these conditions.
Using Flextech G1000 Series Claimp Point supported brackets,  190" long panels can be hold, and Glass And Glass is testing load capabilities, and working now on developing a full glass stringers stairs using Flextech Point Supported Clamp & Glass only.


Work In Progress - Exterior Flextech G1000 Series - Clamp Point Supported Glass Railing (Model G1014-SQUARE)

Architect Carlos Ramirez from Ramirez Studio Architecture shares same opinion as our other customers that know what is on the market and crave for real solutions based on strictest Florida Builidng Code, products that are flexible to be used in all the different conditions while keeping a sophisticated finish and look. This is why our system is called Flextech, which is the only standoff glass rail system in the market that can be installed not only fascia mounted, but also top mounted and core mounted. Our patent pending Flextech G1000 Series - Clamp Point Supported Glass Railing system -  is available in SS304 and SS316 marine grade, satin, polished, and color coated. Perfect solution for Interior and Exterior Use.


Flextech Base Shoe Rail with Glossy White finish and Thermorformed Tempered Cast Glass Treads

Engineered, Fabricated and Installed by Glass&Glass, this Flextech Base Shoe Glass Staircase is without a doubt a piece of art and a conversational piece.  Each of the 64 steps were carefully handmade and thermoformed with Glass&Glass state of the art kilns. The Flextech Base Shoe Rail is made of stainless steel 304 and finished with a glossy white color. All glass steps are lighted up for a wow effect. The complete Glass Staircase is proudly made in USa by Glass&Glass following stricted 2010 Florida Building Codes.

Flextech Spiral Glass Staircase in High End Continuum South Tower in Miami Beach

Flextech Spiral Staircase at Continuum South Tower’s 38th floor unit in Miami Beach: a challenge well defined and on its way to be successfully completed. This job site and the customer approached GlassAndGlass approximately 2 years ago and we were not hired to do the work at that point of time.

After a year into the project without success of any part of the process, the red flags in the City of Miami Beach due to non-compliance of building codes, and the inability to complete paperwork and work at the job site, customer decided to hire GlassAndGlass, and to demolish original work due to not being able to fix what was already done.

By using the FLEXTECH  technology and the same concept of acqua-liana,  we were able to complete the bending of the steel as well as the glass, and with all the Miami Beach City inspections approved.

Installation was a challenge due to the tight radius and the small. Nevertheless, Glass And Glass was able to coordinate everything, by understanding how all the materials worked together in harmony to become one.

This piece of functional art translates into a safety timeless beauty and a conversational piece to be enjoyed through a lifetime.

Another good job by the team of GlassAndGlass


Luxurious glass work at Upscale St Andrews Home

When it comes to luxury+safety, Glass&Glass is one of the top choices amongst architects, interior designers and Contractors. Glass&Glass work on this spectacular home includes all the interior architectural finely carved 1/2-inch glass doors with mirror polished stainless steel hardware, 1" vanity glass custom curved countertops, curved glass shower doors and oversized architectural glass panels held by our patent pending Flextech 10" Brackets that are mainly used for glass railings, which multi-use give wings to creativity, while strong enought to comply with any of the strictest interior and exterior building codes. GC: Riverbirch Homes, Boca Raton. Designer: Douglas Mc Group. Photographer: Randy Smith.

GL-700 Silvery Amber

GlassAndGlass is proud to be working for the most famous PEOPLE in the world..!!

The team of creating mains have designed our beautiful GL-700 into a new and upper scale almost free !!!! By bringing this majestic glass fused into silver hamper  tone of sparkling reflection of unique gigantic sizes of over 110 inches in Height

Fuse glass created a deep sense of conform of almost moving lighted water that will accomplish all of the team expectations when this glass is admired as another piece of functional art’s creation from our unique glass collection.

Only the imagination’s limitless possibility is a good name to describe these glass creations.

Create your own combinations of color and depth in our collection.

New Marlins Ballpark's project is completed

Project in Progress: NEW Marlins Stadium

GLASS AND GLASS is working on the New Miami Ballpark Marlins Stadium, manufacturing Interior Architectural Glass. CROWN CORR is the glass and glazing Contractor. 

Automatic Jumbo Lift Windows - NEW

Glass & Glass introduces the new jumbo automatic lift windows that turn a regular patio into a complete air conditioned area adding extended living space for home owners with the comfort of air conditioning at the convenience of a remote control. The remote control makes the huge glass windows come up from the ground to enclose the entire patio providing a great architectural concept with customers that can enjoy the outdoor feeling with the comfort of air conditioning. Executed professionally by Glass and Glass adding value to any home with a great solution for the architect.  Complying with Florida Building Codes, it is officially approved by City of Palm Beach

Commercial 2010 Architectural Lighted Glass

The architects and designers used our GL-941 LIB as an structurable feature to support different displays as focal point for the jewerly store products, by adding lighting on the back of our glass, which brings out a unique effect, enhancing the tri-dimensional look and color. Same glass was created in small 2" x 2" blue squares as insert details to bring life to the whole store. 

Four Seasons

The architect's concept was to create a frameless glass waterfall. These glass panels needed to be installed all at the same level. The key element was transparency and the support for these massive glass walls. Our technical team invested many hours developing and properly designing and testing the system to use for this application. After more than 6 months the customers were very impressed and happy with the results.

Commercial Frameless Ceiling

Lattitude is a luxurious Condo in Downtown Miami Designed by Architectonica.

These glass and stainless steel suspended ceilings are used for commercial as well as residential applications. The beauty of these systems is the flexiblity it has to be different shapes as well as to adjust to the job conditions. You can also utilize this concept for floors as we did at the Lobby of  Icon at Miami Beach, FL, in addition to vertical applications, as we did for the Four Seasons Hotel.

Private Res. - Fisher Island

Ten Museum

The Ten Museum Building, located in Downtown Miami, is one of the most ambitious projects in the explosive real estate market of South Florida. Glass And Glass designed, manufactured and installed all of the showers doors, toilets doors, closet doors and mirrors for the 250 units.


Glass And Glass engineered the complete staircase, from the steel to the bent tempered glass used for this project. The architect wanted to achieve a focal point by designing a radius stair and by using our side mounted channel.

Mandarin Hotel

In the Mandarin Hotel in Miami, we used real Rice Paper, over 10,000 square feet of it. We used the paper for the elevator decorative panels and on the handrail system for the public areas.

Bal Harbour Towers

These elegant lighted glass columns were part of our interior package for this exclusive condominium in Miami. Although this project was completed over 12 years ago, it still shows our vision and our engineering capabilities. By using laminated safety glass, we were able to control the transparency level and the color transmission of these panels.

Sonesta - Sunny Isles

Our team designed and constructed this water wall, 25'in height by 7' wide.

Aqua - Miami Beach

These stairs are featured in the lobby of the new Aqua Hotel located in Miami Beach were designed and manufactured by Glass and Glass.

Karu Outdoor Glass Waterfall

Flagship Lounge

Through the years, American Airlines has used our products in many Admiral and Flagship Lounges throughout the world.

Royal Caribbean

The perfect combination of 2 systems -our mecano system in the background- allowed a stainless steel finish, and wood handrails.

Trump Palace

In this commercial application, the combination of steel and glass was the customer’s vision. Glass And Glass was able to bring this vision to fruition, getting all items approved by Dade County and bringing to the lobby of this high end condominium on the beach, the grandeur it deserves.

Private Residences

Many of our clients came to us after seeing our work throughout the City. Glass and Glass prides itself in obtaining the confidence of its customers.

Commercial Free Standing Glass Stairs

Downtown High End Brazilian steak house.

Covens Apartment

Radius Doors

Curved tempered glass door system

Private Residence

Mecano System and Structural steel bear with no finish just like in New York


Water Wall-(Sonesta - Sunny Isles)

Glass & Glass used different types of support systems and 3 types of glass to create this 25' high water wall feature. Aluminum frames were use to support the panels of 1/2” tempered glass. The bottom layer of glass is one of our custom collection glass with a laminated reflective material.

Water Features

We have been contracted in the past to design and build custom waterfall features that are both functional and decorative. The first image depicts our ability to design and create functioning structures. This particular water feature has over 500 pieces of laminated 3/4" thick glass which were angled, machine polished, and stacked to ensure a smooth and appealing water flow across its entire 20' span. This waterfall was created for a private residence on the Indian Creek Island in Surfside, FL.

Lobby Sculpture & Features

First impressions are always the most important; especially for the lobby of a building. It has to make a statement about the contents of the building while simultaneously attracting the attention from potential clients. Glass And Glass has created countless sculptures ranging from a fully engineered stainless steel structure with custom fittings to hold safety laminated glass panels to an entire wall covered with custom painted and carved glass panels. We have the capabilities to develope a client's initial vision and grow it through the various steps in production, then eventually installation.

Safety Laminated Mirrors

Combining our precise in-house polishing and cutting machines with our mirror systems we have successfully created 1/2" safety laminated mirrors with perfectly matched joints as the images illustrate. The images show the finished product for the L.A. Fitness Gym on the lower floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in Brickell, Miami, FL.

Flextech Glass Wine Rack

The happiest glass wine rack in the market! This functional art is made for the wine industry, and can be made for any other industry and in any configuration possible, with closed or open display.  The potential is enormous. Since we use our Flextech Heads you can make the front or the back using curved glass and it would work perfectly. Our new wine collection fine accessories are made out of brushed stainless steel and artistic ½” fully tempered glass. Holds up to 40 bottles, available in all clear or with etched design. Cooling System optional. Dimensions 30.5" W x 15.5" D x 50.5" H.

We can make any self supportive curved and straight cabinetry display, using our new pat pend. Flextech Bracket System.  Design, Engineering and Manufacturing by Glass & Glass.

Wall Systems - Interior

Four Seasons Hotel, Brickell Ave, Miami, FL - EXTERIOR ARCH GLASS WALLS

The glass for these particular exterior systems were created out of 4 layers of 1/4" thick glass, which were then safety, laminated, cut on our Laser-Jet then machine polished. Some of these particular pieces exceeded 350 lbs in weight.

Carnival Cruiselines Headquarters

Cast glass with Carnival Cruise Lines Logo for the Miami Headquarter's Office

Frameless Glass Elevator

This Elevator Shaft has frameless laminated tempered glass panels that can be supported by our Flextech Heads

Karu Glass bridge/catwalk

Outdoor Round Glass Floor and Glass Tunnel - KARU

Artistic Round glass floor and glass tunnel using cast tempered glass.

Exterior Flextech G1000 Series with Cast glass Railings

Glass And Glass