Certified Glass Laminator and Fabricator of Exterior Stainless Steel Glass Railings - Aluminum Glass Railings - Thermoformed cast glass - arch glass doors - spiral glass stairs

FLEXTECH G1010 Standoff Glass Railing System for Interior Use (patent pending)

The flexibility of our Stainless Steel Flextech G1010 Brackets allows us to install straight and bent glass without additional support. This system is very cost effective and, at the same time, makes the staircase look like the glass is floating on the air. The G1010 Brackets are avaible in Round and Square shape and are part of our pending patents for the Flextech G1000 Series - Stainless Steel Frameless Clamp Point Supported Glass Railing Systems.

FLEXTECH Spiral and Circular Glass Railing System (patent pending)

In a time when glass handrails systems missed out on flare, Glass and Glass created the FLEXTECH Spiral/Circular system perfect for curved tempered and tempered/laminated glass to tantalize the imagination of designers and architects across the globe. Our FLEXTECH Spiral and Circular Railing System consists of Solid Steel or Stainless Steel Stringers with the use of our Flextech HEAD only, suitable for residential and commercial use. The FLEXTECH system was designed and engineered in house to support approximately 4' wide by 5' high for up to 1" tempered laminated glass.  Our FLEXTECH systems have been tested in a Dade-County approved lab for interior use and is in process of exterior to comply with Dade-County-Product-Approval. Please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives for additional information on this trend-setting product.


Designed, Engineered, Fabricated and Installed by Glass And Glass, this Staircase is showcased at the exquisite Brazilian Steakhouse located in the Brickell Area, featuring fully tempered glass railings with textured glass steps made out of safety laminated tempered glass. The Flextech Shoe Rail is in compliance with 2014 Florida Building Codes.

Flextech Shoe Rail is available as complete structural staircase, or Fascia Mounted , or Top Mounted. Made of Steel, Stainless Steel 304 and 316 Marine Grade alloy. Finishes available are brushed, mirror finish, Electroplated in several colors, and proprietary Blackened Satin process.  Glass treads offered in clear and low-iron glass, Lighting for glass steps are also available.

Mecano Stainless Steel Pole Stair Systems

This system is combined with glass, stainless steel rods and stainless steel cables. All of our systems are designed and engineered to meet all safety requirements. This product is trademarked and has a patent pending. Our Mecano stair system is all mechanically attached so there is minimal welding at the job site.

Residential & Commercial Entry Doors

Our textured glass can be safety laminated and pass ANSI safety level. It can be frameless or installed into clients wood, aluminun, or stainless steel frames - For interior use only. Thicknesses range from 1/4 - 1" in thickness, custom laminated textures can be used depending on the clients specific needs.

Frameless Glass and Stainless Steel Sculpture

Glass Partitions

These glass partitions are made with Swivel custom made stainless steel channels and interlocking 1/2 inches carved and tempered glass, giving to a room divider the quality, safety and beauty of functional art. Colors, design and quantities are customizable to client's preference.

Flextech Glass Wine Rack

The happiest glass wine rack in the market! This functional art is made for the wine industry, and can be made for any other industry and in any configuration possible, with closed or open display.  The potential is enormous. Since we use our Flextech Heads you can make the front or the back using curved glass and it would work perfectly. Our new wine collection fine accessories are made out of brushed stainless steel and artistic ½” fully tempered glass. Holds up to 40 bottles, available in all clear or with etched design. Cooling System optional. Dimensions 30.5" W x 15.5" D x 50.5" H.

We can make any self supportive curved and straight cabinetry display, using our new pat pend. Flextech Bracket System.  Design, Engineering and Manufacturing by Glass & Glass.

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