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FLEXTECH Exterior Base Shoe Rail System 2010 FBC

Our Flextech Exterior Base Shoe Rail System is the only System thay complies with 2010 Florida Building Codes and has 7-10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.  G&G Flextech Shoe rail is suitable for up to  1-1/16" laminated tempered glass for Exterior Use. It was created from a customer need to have a shoe rail mounted on top of the slab and wanting the bottom to be covered by floor, with the option of spaces between slab and floor for drainage purposes, while complying with the strictest building codes.

Artistic Glass Handrail

Custom made edge design applied into the 3/4 extra clear starphire glass, giving the handrail a unique and stylish look. We can apply any of our 10 standard designs, or we can make any custom design as well.

Frameless Glass Doors Collection

Glass and Glass is proud to present a line of Frameless Glass Doors made in USA. All our glass doors are available in clear, translucent, laminated in any color, matching Pantone, Benjamine Moore and Sherwin Williams palette, with images and pattern from our own collection or laminated with customer images and pattern of choice. Glass & Glass is Dupont Certified Laminator and we only use Dade-County approved inaterlayer for our laminations. Short lead time for standard sizes.

All the hardware used in our  Glass Doors Collection is suitable for laminated glass.

Up to 5 years warranty.


Custom made Oversized Curved Glass Shower Door, 10 Feet in Height, with European and Custom made in-house hardware, System is engineered, fabricated, installed and guaranteed by Glass and Glass.

Residential & Commercial Entry Doors

Our textured glass can be safety laminated and pass ANSI safety level. It can be frameless or installed into clients wood, aluminun, or stainless steel frames - For interior use only. Thicknesses range from 1/4 - 1" in thickness, custom laminated textures can be used depending on the clients specific needs.

Glass Partitions

These glass partitions are made with Swivel custom made stainless steel channels and interlocking 1/2 inches carved and tempered glass, giving to a room divider the quality, safety and beauty of functional art. Colors, design and quantities are customizable to client's preference.

Floor, Bridges and Catwalks Glass Systems

Glass floors have always been a challenge for Architects and, in our opinion,all of these challenges start with the limitations given by the very strict fire and building codes pertaining to each County. In today’s construction marketplace the manufacturing of these systems are so costly that only a few systems have been approved. We manufacture glass steps and glass floor system on a custom made basis, and as per condition of the job site. All of our installed systems have been tested and approved like all of our products by a Dade County approved lab. Glass & Glass can help you accomplish your goals in many different conditions.

Bath Countertop

We manufacture and design various types of custom glass products for countertops, partitions, dividers and inserts for interior applications for all commercial and residential use.

Lighted laminated glass front and miter custom glass countertop

We are very proud to showcase our architectural glass at the first green Ritz Carlton in Charlotte, NC., where we worked together with one of the most famous designers in the Hospitality Industry, Frank Nicholson Inc.,  to make a one-of-a-kind glass countertop and exquisite artistic laminated front glass panels, which undoubtedly show a work of art. We are very honored that Mr. Frank NIcholson has been choosing us - for many years - for his Hospitality glass projects.


Up to 95% recycled content American Glass, LEED Credit Contribution.
Special Cast Glass that can be made with or without lamination. Custom design and custom colors available.
Type of Glass : Clear and Starphire
Thickness : up to 3" (thicker may be available, sizes may decrease)
Size : Up to 70" x 120"
Applications : Partitions, Wall Coverings, Backsplash, Water features, Frameless Pivots and Sliding Glass Doors

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