2016 FBC Frameless Glass Railings, Thick Cast Glass, Glass Treads, 2
2016 FBC Frameless Glass Railings, Thick Cast Glass, Glass Treads, 2" Thick laminated glass Print E-mail


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Florida strictest building code tested FLEXTECH glass railing systems  -

Certified Glass Laminator - Cast Glass Steps and Floors -

glass and stainless steel spiral stairs  - Switchable On-Off Colored Smart Glass-

Thermoformed Thick Glass - Recycled Geoglass  - Glass Catwalk

PPG starphire cast glass - Glass And Glass exports worldwide

FLEXTECH G1000 Series: "Glass and Glass" design, test and fabricate Patent pending FLEXTECH G1000 SERIES - CLAMP POINT SUPPORTED FRAMELESS GLASS RAILING SYSTEMS. This is being designed to work with glass  spiral stairs  or regular straight conditions, using the best quality of 304 & 316 stainless steel available to guarantee customers satisfaction, and 10 inch Bracket Base made out of pure SOLID Stainless Steel instead of being hollow like others in the market.

Flextech G2000 Series: Brand New Patenet Pending Product to the market - System will be a exterior aluminum and glass handrail system using proven and tested Flextech technologies to ensure strenght and code approval



The Flextech frameleess glass railing system has been tested in dade county aproved labs , to make sure that the customer or the end user receive City approval when applying for permits in any City of the USA , Making of these systems the must hassle-free and friendly glass system in today's market place.  Since 1984 "Glass And Glass" has also been fabricating cast glass as well as laminated safety glass exceeding all of the ASTM safety standars,  adding lately casting oversizes capabilities up to over 60" x 120".  Using the Flextech Brackets as mode of  attachment , catwalk as well as ceiling panels can be suspended with sizes over 4' wide x 8' height. "Glass And Glass"  has also perfected a unique way to enhance the Private Foyer entry way by putting together a Fire Rated Glass Door System that is design in a unique way  while the architects and designers can still meet all the fired rate building codes.

Glass and Glass is the solution for your commercial and residential glass design needs:


With over 29 years in research, design, engineering and fabrication of glass and stainless steel products it is easy to understand why our decorative and structural glass products outshine the competition.

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More About Our Company

We design, engineer and fabricate Glass Products like glass floors, glass railing, high-end interior glass doors and architectural glass cast and/or laminated, as well as custom stainless steel hardware to provide complete safe applications.

Our unique and Pat. Pend. FLEXTECH FRAMELESS GLASS RAILING SYSTEM G1000 SERIES made of Stainless Steel 304 and 316 marine grade, is DADE COUNTY APPROVED and is the ONLY system available in the market that can be used for Straight and Bent glass at the same time without channel support. All our Railing Systems are engineered, signed and sealed with a stamp from our Structural Engineer, and tested in a Dade County approved Laboratory. The NOA (Notice of Acceptance) and One-Time-Product-Control-Approval for our Exterior Flextech Frameless Glass Railing System is in the last testing stage.

Our Flextech System is also flexible enough to do glass furniture and can be used as an attachment of architectural products for curved and straight walls. Our unique, cost effective and flexible hardware can be used to attached not only glass products, but also wood, steel or stainless steel products. Its safety in meeting buiding codes, flexibility and beauty gives to architects and interior designers freedom to their creativity.

Through learning and applying the newest and best technology on glass and hardware stainless steel fabrication, Glass and Glass has always been a market leader in developing new and innovative products, offering traditional, modern and contemporary styles.

We welcome you as part of the Glass and Glass family, and invite you to enter the web site and to see our Unique Hardware as well as our Glass Products. You will see that Glass and Glass does very unique and exquisite work.

Glass And Glass offer many glass products such as recycled glass floors, recycled glass skylights, designer frameless glass doors, etched glass, tempered textured glass, and much more including satin glass, decorative designs, interior sliding doors, curved glass, glass railing, ANZY safety laminated architectural glass for interior and exterior use, cast glass floor, cast glass safety treads and risers, architectural, railings, 100% recycled tiles, artistic table tops, recycled, and many other products you can view in our products and projects gallery.

We also offer Dade County Approved glass systems to protect against just about anything nature has to offer.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Great Products We Provide
  • Interior sliding glass doors
  • Frameless glass doors
  • Etched glass doors
  • Tempered textured glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Custom glass designs
  • Commercial glass doors
  • Entry Foyer glass door
  • FBC Exterior Frameless Glass railings
  • Architectural glass
  • Glass manufacturing products
  • Laminated glass Floor
  • Safety glass
  • Dade County approved
  • Glass tile
  • Glass textures
  • Frameless glass doors
  • Commercial glass door
  • Glass staircase
  • Recycled glass
  • Leed credit contributor
  • Engineered Glass railing
  • Flextech Glass Stairs FBC approved
  • NOA in process
Glass And Glass